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28 June
18:00 - 06:00

We're introducing the hottest event to hit Luxembourg's Limpersberg scene: HI-GO Festival!
Picture this: three iconic venues—Hitch, Gotham, and Barrels—teamed to create an experience that's off the charts. With a killer lineup of 12 DJs, this is where the party truly comes alive.
Get ready to party with:
- Notre Dame
- Kashovski
- Demaya
- Nosi
- Dasic
- C'Drew
- Quma
- Tasso & Mitch
- Ben Leo
- Bisi
We're flipping the script on traditional eats with our foodie playground. Think food corners dishing out yummy creations, paired with gastronomic experiences that'll have you craving more.
Stay tuned, add it in your calendar and get your tickets online or grab them directly at Gotham and Hitch - trust us, this is one event you won't want to miss! 
 πŸ“ Between Hitch, Barrels & Gotham 

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